Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

DVL Consult respects your personal privacy. The existence of its databases has been reported to the (Belgian) Committee for the Protection of Privacy. The privacy policy explains how DVL Consult collects and uses your data. It also provides you with information about what data we keep about you and how you can ask to correct it in the database or even have it deleted. 

Collected data
DVL Consult records the data of clients, prospects, businesses and consumers who request information or send in messages. The data recorded are usually your name, address (and/or that of your business), phone number and/or e-mail address, sex, function and date of birth, VAT number, activity sector and any other information about your business.

Checking, correcting or deleting your data 
At any time, you may:

    • check the personal data relating to you;
    • ask us to correct or update it;
    • ask us to delete these personal data from our databases.

To do this, simply contact DVL Consult by referring to the details shown at the bottom of every web page.

How the data are used
We record the data of businesses and consumers, clients, prospects and relations who contact us in order to be able to answer their query, to manage our relationship with them and to keep them informed about our activities.
If you would like to receive no further information about our activities via e-mail and/or any channel whatsoever, let us know by referring to the details shown at the bottom of every web page.
DVL Consult may also pass on your address to third parties (such as commercial or operational partners, partners from the charity or the non-profit sector or interest or opinion groups) which may send you personalised offers. If you do not want this, you can let us know by referring to the details shown at the bottom of every web page.

Information which is automatically stored on your hard disk (cookie)– not of application yet
During your visit to this website, and in particular when you access the section reserved for clients through the use of a login and password, we may store information on your computer in the form of a cookie or a similar minifile. This information enables us to offer you a better service. Among other things, it tells us about the language you have chosen for the website.
With most Internet browsers you can delete cookies from your hard disk, block them or ask the browser to inform you of their presence before they are definitely stored. To find out more about these functions, you can read the instructions which appear on the information screen of your browser.

How to contact DVL Consult
You can find our contact details at the bottom of every web page.
Company number: BE 0448 342 314


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